A Wonderful Time in Copper Canyon

We appreciate it when our guests share their stories with us and allow us to post them on our blog. This last February David & Stephani White, from Wilsonville, Oregon, traveled with us on our Copper Canyon 8-day Independent Trip to the Canyon Bottom.

A Young Tarahumara Lady Weaves a Basket
A young Tarahumara lady weaves a basket in Mexico's Copper Canyon.

My wife and I took the 8-day to the bottom trip in February of this year. I have been meaning to write , but ….

We had a wonderful time. The hotel in El Fuerte was terrific. The train trip was fascinating and beautiful. We really enjoyed Batopilas. Julio, our guide, was very knowledgeable, helpful, and fun to be with. We had a special treat: government aid distribution took place in Batopilas while we were there. The town square filled with over 200 Tarahumara people in their colorful clothing to receive drought-assistance. The hotel at Divisidero is stunning.

Thank you very much. It was a wonderful trip. Hopefully our enthusiastic recommendations to our friends will bring more business.

David & Stephani White

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