Don’t Let Those Air Miles Go to Waste!

So many of us have airline miles that will expire before we have a chance to use them. Recently I learned about a wonderful program that can really use those miles. The nonprofit Fisher House Foundation offers a program called “Hero Miles,” in which they work with the airlines, whose passengers have donated their frequent flyer miles, to provide assistance to our wounded service men and women and their families. Thousands of free airline tickets have been issued to soldiers who have been wounded while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan and are currently receiving medical treatment at a military medical facility. These tickets are used for a short visit home between procedures and treatment or to fly family members to wounded soldiers who are unable to travel home.

Donate your unused airline miles to help our wounded soldiers.I can personally say that this program is wonderful. This last June, my nephew was severely wounded in Afghanistan. He was taken to Germany, where he under went surgery before being transferred to United States. The Fisher House Foundation, through the ”Hero Miles” program, flew his mother, father and sister to Washington DC to be at his bedside as he underwent several more surgeries. It does make a world of difference to these young men and women to have their families beside them while they go though such an extremely difficult time in their lives. The family presence really aids with the recovery process.

AirTran Airways, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Midwest Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways are currently participating in this program. Participating airlines change from time to time, so to find out if your airline is participating, visit the Fisher House website.

This very important program can only exist through the kindness and generosity of frequent flyer members. So please don’t let your miles go unused and support America’s heroes and their families by donating to the “Hero Miles” program. You’ll be helping to reunite these families and show that we do care for our American soldiers.

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