Biking in Ireland is No Blarney

Cyclists meet for lunch in Irish Village
Bicyclists meet for lunch at a village pub on a California Native bicycle tour.

Top o’ the morning to ya! Spring has finally sprung and it’s a perfect time for a bicycle trip in the Emerald Isles.

Ireland has so much to offer—rugged mountains, sea-battered cliffs, quiet woodlands and beautiful lakes, and each time you turn a corner the scenery changes. Bicycling through the countryside, along quiet country roads past scores of castles, Iron Age forts, and prehistoric burial sites, you are constantly reminded of the country’s ancient past. In this fairy tale environment, it’s not hard to imagine that a leprechaun is watching you from just behind an ancient stone fence.

The mild climate and wandering trails make bicycling the perfect way to explore this colorful country, where there are no language barriers, and the friendly Irish people make you feel at home.

Irish country roads are perfect for bicycle touring.
Ireland with its quiet country roads is a perfect destination for bicycle touring.

Our tours start each morning with a hearty breakfast. Then, a few hours of leisurely cycling brings us to our lunch stop, where we relax and swap stories. Continuing on, we explore the countryside at our own pace. There is plenty of time to stop, make a detour, or grab a pint in a village pub. We bicycle about 30 miles a day and our guide is always on hand in case we want a lift.

We spend our nights at small family-run hotels and charming B&B’s and, of course, we enjoy the music and good cheer of Ireland’s famous pubs.

So join us on one of our bicycle tours of Ireland.

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