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From The California Native Newsletter:

¡Ay Chihuahua!

By Don Fuchik
Statue of Antonio Daza y Ulloa Copper Canyon travelers look forward to the wonders of the train ride into the Sierra Madre, visiting the quaint mining town of Batopilas at the bottom of the canyon, and meeting the elusive Tarahumara Indians, but few give much thought to the sights to be enjoyed at the end of the journey in Chihuahua City.

The Quinta Luz, home of revolutionary hero Pancho Villa, is a short ride from our hotel. Here Luz Corral, Villa's widow, lived and held court to thousands of visitors. Among must-see items is the bullet riddled car Villa was driving when he was assassinated.

The Government Palace, across from the Plaza Hidalgo, has two claims on a tourist's time. First are the colorful murals of Aaron Piña Mora depicting the history of the state of Chihuahua. Look for the humorous depiction of a mounted Pancho Villa. Here too, is the spot where Miguel Hidalgo, father of Mexico's independence, was executed.

A short pedestrian mall connects the palace with the Plaza de Armas, with its statue of Antonio Daza y Ulloa, founder of the city. At the far end of the plaza is the magnificent cathedral, built with donations from the silver barons of the 19th century. Returning to our hotel, we pass by the recently completed statue of Chihuahua native Anthony Quinn.

Chihuahua City doesn't rank as a major tourist destination in Mexico, but it makes my short list of great Mexican cities.

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